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Strong foundations, confident future

The 10 best management tips I got from taxi drivers ©

While everyone else is waiting for the gravy train, catch the express.

There’s always a devil waiting outside your door.

Make sure your managers aren’t bluffing you with the ‘bikini principle’ (letting you see some interesting stuff, but keeping the important bits covered up).

Make yourself a ‘string of pearls’ (an integrated network of critical, talented people and systems).

‘Average’ organisations get left behind to feed on the crumbs – so why benchmark with them?

Be safe, not right – it may be the correct thing to do, but what are the consequences for the organisation and for you?

Never let the pet chimp take over the office – someone’s going to have to clean up the mess.

Remember the “cat bath” principle – when it comes time to put together everything you need for the task, the hardest ingredient to find is usually the cat.

The job of managers is to amuse the staff while nature takes its course.

Love your mavericks.

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